New leaked e-mails prove 16 year-old hacked American election

New e-mails sent by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Rep. Devin Nunes (D – Calif.), chair of the House Intelligence Committee, among others have been obtained from unknown sources revealing shocking new details about the source of a recent hack into the American election system. l_devin-nunes_1200x675

Sources within the House and Senate leaked more than 200 e-mails this morning between leaders in intelligence circles of both parties. The new leaks describe in detail how an unnamed 16 year-old hacker from Seattle, Washington broke into numerous voting systems in at least 24 states beginning in October. 5f3900aff09a0b64373002fc9ad22018

Leaked e-mails show that members within the intelligence community began tracking the unnamed hacker as early as 10 days before the election, going as far as wire-tapping his phone calls and tracking his locations via the GPS in his phone.

It remains unclear why politicians and intelligence officials were either unable or unwilling to capture the suspect prior to the hacking of the election this fall, as well as whether the suspect’s location is still known. We hope to learn more as new e-mails are leaked to the press.

As for what this means for an incoming Trump administration, which has vehemently rejected the possibility of Russia being involved in the hacking, is still unknown.


Midnight Mine News


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